Project Assignments Our project assignment contractors have a wide range of expertise and are trained to have a positive impact on your short and long-term business goals. No matter the business you’re in, our screening process will find the ideal contractor you saving you both time and money

Our project assignment services include:

  • Recruiting, interviewing, and selection.
  • Skills testing, training, and orientation.
  • Timecards, record keeping and compensation matters.
  • And more

Project-to-Contract Our project-to-contract services is the best way to test out a contractor before offering them a long-term agreement. If you are expanding your full-time work-force, a brief trial period makes good business sense for you and the contractor:

  • Evaluate skill sets, productivity, work ethics
  • Develop open and honest rapport before trusting with greater responsibilities
  • Decrease the risks of liabilities, and expenses of bad hires.

Direct Contract When you need a direct contract from the beginning our direct contract services pulls no punches. We’ll find you top-quality talent for you to sign your next superstar. We offer a complete service, all you have to do is pick from the best the marketplace has to offer.

Small Business Services We offer affordable small business bookkeeping and payroll services on and off-site.