“Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do.”

Malcolm Forbes

When you need the right person, the first time.

When you work with JPANI Staffing, your get more than your contract filled - you get a business partner.

As a small business ourselves we offer greater attention to detail, more personalization, and superior solving of your contracting problems. Firm larger than us may have bigger budgets but they can’t match us in tailor solutions unique to your specific needs.

We screen with:

  • Applications, resumes.
  • Phone, in-person interviews.
  • Skills testing and behavioral assessments
  • And more.

Our proven screening process.

JPANI Staffing knows how to find the right person for you, the first time. We screen each candidate meticulously to ensure you are getting exactly what need to get your job done, on time and on budget.